Tokyo Otaku Mode Exclusive ProductKagerou Project Lucky Bag 2017

Celebrate the holidays with a surprise from the Mekakushi Dan!

Kagerou Project Lucky Bag 2017
Bronze | Kagerou Project Lucky Bag 2017
Silver | Kagerou Project Lucky Bag 2017
Gold | Kagerou Project Lucky Bag 2017
  • Every Lucky Bag contains products altogether worth more than the price of the Lucky Bag itself!
  • All sales are final, absolutely no refunds or exchanges.
  • Photos provided are for demonstration purposes only. Actual content will vary.
  • If you buy more than one, there is a chance that you may receive duplicate products.
  • These are limited edition products - once they’re gone, they’re gone!
Product Name: Kagerou Project Lucky Bag 2017

Series: Kagerou Project
Manufacturer: 1st Place
Set Contents:

  • Bronze: 10-20 random products
  • Silver: 10-20 random products
  • Gold: 22 random products

Order Limit: 1 per person

Having trouble choosing your favorite Kagerou Project items, or maybe you just like surprises? Let us help you with these lucky bags (fukubukuros) available in three tiers!

The bronze bag comes with a selection of straps, badges, and stationery items. The silver bag comes with an assortment of items for everyday use including towels, kitchen goods, as well as various accessories ranging from key caps to scrunchies in a special paper bag, while the gold bag includes a stylish hoodie and a selection of accessories as well as posters in a special paper bag to help you enjoy the holidays with the Mekakushi Dan~

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