Touhou Project Full-Color Mugs

Adorned with a pair of cuties as charming as any~

Touhou Project Full-Color Mugs


Product Name: Touhou Project Full-Color Mugs

Series: Touhou Project
Manufacturer: AXIA

Dimensions: 80 x 94 mm | 3.1" x 3.7"
Material: Ceramic

Tokyo Otaku Mode has teamed up with AKIBA-HOBBY, an authorized seller of Team Shanghai Alice products. Products available for purchase here are genuine merchandise from AKIBA-HOBBY.

A cup o’ Touhou Project is all you need to turn the day around! Made by AXIA, these ceramic mugs come in full vivid color and measure 3.1” x 3.7”. Illustrated by both Eretto and Eri Natsume, each mug comes adorned with a pair as charming as any: Reimu and Marisa, Youmu and Koishi, Remilia and Sakuya, or double the Cirno!

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