IA Socks

Bring IA’s style to your own wardrobe with these cute socks!

IA Socks
IA Socks
Product Name: IA Socks

Manufacterer: 1st Place
Foot Size: 21-23 cm | 8.3"x 9.1"
Materials: 80% cotton, 20% acrylic

IA is one incredibly stylish Vocaloid, and now you can bring a bit of her tastes to your own wardrobe with these socks based on those she wears for her original costume!

They’re different lengths with the shortest featuring the trademark three white strips, and they’re designed to fit feet between 21 and 23 cm. The simple black and white make these an easy way to bring some IA flair to any look! (Of course, they’ll probably work best with a skirt or shorts!~)

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