Pink Japanese Jewel Hairpin

Add something special to any look with this breathtaking hairpin!

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Pink Japanese Jewel Hairpin 2
Pink Japanese Jewel Hairpin 3
Pink Japanese Jewel Hairpin 4
Product Name: Pink Japanese Jewel Hairpin

Manufacturer: Hasegawa

  • Jewel: 2 cm | 0.8" (diameter)
  • Hairpin: 16.5 cm | 6.5"

It’s hard to resist the charm of a beautiful hairpin. Whether your hair is pulled back into a stylish braid or put up in a sweet bun or other eye-catching updo, a romantic hairpin serves as the perfect finishing touch to bring your whole look together or add some flair to an otherwise casual look.

This particular hairpin comes in a solid black but adds a unique touch with the twisting design of the top. It’s the perfect blend of subtle and stylish with its sweet descending pink ornaments which are easy to pair with any look~

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