Clean Room Tunic

Great the future in style with one of these medically inspired tunics!

by hima KAWAGOE

Clean Room Tunic 1
Clean Room Tunic 2
Clean Room Tunic 3
Clean Room Tunic 4
Clean Room Tunic 5
Clean Room Tunic 6

Only the "Clean Room Tunic" is included.

Product Name: Clean Room Tunic

Artist: hima://KAWAGOE
Size: Unisex free
Material: 100% cotton

This classic tunic is another in hima://KAWAGOE's collection of medically inspired fashion items and mimics the classic hospital gown! Available in the appropriate colors of white or pale green, each of the 100% cotton tunics is another great way to keep yourself prepared for every eventuality.

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Size Chart

Size Chart (cm/in) Free
Total Length 88/34.6
Bust 133/52.4

All measurements are approximations.

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