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Product Details
Manufacturer: Airily
Colors: black, Asian black
front - 250 mm (approx. 9.8 in)
side - 300 mm (approx. 11.8 in)
neck - 100 mm (approx. 3.9 in)
Face Size:
length - approx 300 mm (approx. 11.8 in)
head circumference - 560-580 mm / 22.0-22.8 in (300 mm / 11.8 in elasticity)

This high-quality “bob”-style wig from Airily is perfect for all your cosplay or fashion needs. The “Angel Bob” has a great, cute and youthful style which works really well for high school cosplay or your everyday cute outfits. You can also style the wig in the same way you would a normal hairstyle to get the look you really want! Available in either black or Asian black, this versatile, high-quality wig is just the thing for adding a fashionable touch to your everyday attire!

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