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Product Details
Manufacturer: Airily
Available Colors: black, yellow gold, Asian black, milk chocolate brown, cocoa brown, blue/black
front - 250 mm (approx. 9.8 in)
side - 360 mm (approx. 14.2 in)
neck - 120-130 mm (approx. 5.1- in)
Face Size:
length - approx 300 mm (approx. 11.8 in)
head circumference - 560-580 mm / 22.0-22.8 in (elasticity - 30 mm / 1.2 in)

This fantastic, high-quality cosplay or fashion wig from Airily is perfect for all your costuming needs! Short with a spiky style and long in the front and sides, the “Wolf Base” wig is manufactured for easy styling so you can use a comb or even an iron to get the exact style you want. It is available in black, yellow gold, Asian black, milk chocolate brown, cocoa brown, blue/black, or white silver so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to getting exactly the right color and style for your perfect outfit with this versatile wig from Airily. What’s more, as it’s a base wig, you can also mix and match it with all your favorite wig accessories!

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