The Wild Leg T-Shirt

by Akira Himekawa

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Product Details
Size: medium
Material: 100% cotton
Size Chart
Medium: length - 69 cm / 27.2 in; width - 52 cm / 20.5 in; Shoulder Width - 46 cm / 18.1 in; sleeve - 20 cm / 7.9 in

Akira Himekawa is a manga artist duo best known for their manga adaptation of The Legend of Zelda that has garnered worldwide acclaim. The Wild Leg, another of their works, is an action fantasy that follows a young boy named Leg whose lower body can transform into a centaur and upper body into a wolf. This black shirt features an inverse print of the design used on the front cover of The Wild Leg IV that shows both versions of Leg in a dynamic style. The title of the work is printed in yellow Western-style font underneath the artwork.

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