Icon and Banner

About the Icon and Banner

We have created an icon and banner that links to Tokyo Otaku Mode for use on your websites to help promote otaku culture!
Please read on for download information, regulations, and terms of use.
How to Download the Icon and Banner
To download the icon or banner:
1. Right click the image and choose "Save image as..."
2. Choose the location you would like to save the image.
3. Click save.
You can also copy and paste the following html code below each icon and banner size.
Icon and Banner Sizes
  • Large Banner, 300px × 100px

  • Small Banner, 150px × 50px

  • Icon, 50px × 50px

Icon and Banner Conditions for Use
When using a Tokyo Otaku Mode icon or banner, please make sure its purpose is clearly conveyed.

Please do not use the link as a source of monetary gain or link it to an unrelated site.
Also, please refrain from changing the shape or size of the icon and/or banner, or using the icon and/or banner as part of another image.

There are also certain sites on which we do not allow the icon and banner to be used, including:
  • Sites depicting illegal or morally reprehensible content
  • Sites containing third party content that may damage Tokyo Otaku Mode, or that is in violation of Tokyo Otaku Mode's rights, privacy, or intellectual property
  • Sites containing misrepresented or falsified content, or content related to criminal activity
Copyright Information
Tokyo Otaku Mode owns the copyright to this content. Unauthorized reproduction or use of any images, text, or data of this content is not allowed. All rights reserved.
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